Our Story

We are a leather craft company rooted in urban culture and design

Simple beginnings

In the tapestry of our narrative, we are a company deeply enmeshed with the fabric of metropolitan artistry and design, with leather as our medium of choice. Our passion for craftsmanship is intertwined with the rhythms of city life, reflecting a contemporary ethos in every piece we create. Our journey began in the humble atelier of leatherwork, where the scent of tanned hide and the buzz of creative discourse fill the air.

Est. 2016      Worldwide Delivery

Based in the UK, we have been serving customers internationally since 2016 and we are expanding everyday

Leather in Style

In our nascent stages, we were but a collective of skilled leather artisans, united by a common frustration: the market’s lack of striking accoutrements for our personal Apple Watches. The available selections failed to ignite our aesthetic sensibilities, leading us to channel our expertise into the conception of something unique. The result was a line of Apple Watch bands, each imbued with the hallmark of individuality and style.

Our foray into the creation of these watch bands was not merely an act of necessity but a bold statement of fashion. We understood that an Apple Watch is not just a technological marvel but also a canvas for personal expression. With meticulous attention to detail, we crafted each band from the finest leather, ensuring they stand at the crossroads of functionality and high fashion.

Today, our offerings are more than just watch bands; they are emblems of a lifestyle, accessories that speak volumes about the wearer’s discernment and flair. They embody a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and forward-thinking design, perfect for the discerning individual who seeks to marry technology with the timeless elegance of leather. Our story, like our leather, is ever-evolving, always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in tech fashion.